Following God One Step at a Time

Summer Vacation

on June 14, 2015

What are you doing this summer?

Are you taking a vacation?

I took a “vacation” with my husband to visit our families,

who live in three towns.

We drove over 2,000 miles.

When we got back home,

we were exhausted, and I felt sick for several days.

Is that how you feel after a vacation?

It’s important to visit family, and visit interesting places,

but it’s also important to take time off to rest.

Many of us don’t rest on vacation.

Vacation is supposed to be a break from work and stress.

If summer vacation isn’t being used to take a break and refresh us, what is?

My answer is to take a Sabbath rest each week.

Some Christians think we no longer need a Sabbath day of rest,

but I believe we still should follow the ten commandments.

We can still benefit from following God’s command

to “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy”. (Exodus 20:8)

There are groups that encourage Christians to take a Sabbath rest each week,

and there are books about taking a Sabbath rest.

I have been practicing Sabbath rest for about one year.

I am still working out what I should do on the Sabbath day,

and what I should not do.

The main focus, is rest, but I also like to honor God.

Most of us work 5 days, and get two days off.

I always looked forward to those days off,

but are they really days off?

Usually those days are spent running errands,

grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom,

taking kids to sports games or practices, and making lunch and dinner.

Does this sound like rest to you?

Even if we squeeze in an hour at church,

we don’t get any rest.

When you get to church, are you ready to rest?

Or ready to scream in frustration?

For many families, getting ready for church on Sunday morning is a stressful mess!

So what if you try doing what I do?

Take just one day each week, and label it “Sabbath Day”.

On that day, you can only do things that are restful to you.

On your “Sabbath Day”, you cannot do laundry or dishes or cleaning.

You cannot run errands.

You cannot rush around.

You cannot do anything stressful.

My Sabbath Day is spent reading or watching a movie,

and going to church because I find church refreshing and encouraging,

(since I don’t have to get anyone else ready for church but myself).

Many times my husband and I will take a walk together.

Whatever you enjoy doing, that is not stressful, and not against God,

can be done on “Sabbath Day”.

Yes, you can take a bath, or take a nap.

Yes, you can sit on your deck and drink iced tea.

I don’t do the same thing every week,

but I try to focus my “Sabbath Day” on rest.

This is a good way for me to feel refreshed, and revive my energy.

It is also a good way to feel closer to God.

When I rest, I think, and I pray.  I also like to sing.

By the end of the day, I feel pretty good about God,

and about how I spent my “Sabbath Day”.

If you want to know more about keeping a “Sabbath Day”,

Go to Sabbath Society led by Shelly Miller at


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