Following God One Step at a Time

Call to Prayer

on May 24, 2015

I was planning to do another book review today,

but with headlines about more killing by ISIS,

I have decided to make a call to prayer instead.

— ISIS has taken over 2 more major cities, Palmyra in Syria and Ramadi in Iraq. —

More than 30 thousand people have fled,

but they have nowhere to go.

In Palmyra, ISIS murdered 400 people in the street,

most of them women and children.

ISIS is purposefully destroying the towns and villages they attack.

ISIS wants to leave only destruction and death behind them.

Only God can stop ISIS, so we need to pray for that.

We can help people who have fled looking for safety,

most of them with only the clothes on their back.

We can pray for God to have mercy,

and protect the people fleeing for their lives.

We can also give money to bring aid to those who flee.

You can give to the Internation Rescue Committee, who are very well respected,

and work efficiently to help the most people.

You can give to Doctors Without Borders, who go wherever their help is needed.

Another good charity to give to is the Christian Aid Mission,

and give to (IGE) Cradle of Christianity Fund,

(part of the Institute of Global Engagement).

Pick 1 or 2 organizations to give money.

Then pray.

Here is my prayer —

“Oh Lord, so many people are fleeing the evil called ISIS.

They have no homes to go back to, because ISIS destroys them.

Many of the men are killed, leaving mothers and children to fend for themselves.

ISIS has no mercy, Lord, for they even rape and murder children.

I know that you are in sorrow over what is happening in this beautiful world you created.

Have mercy on us.  

Have mercy on these families who have nowhere safe to go.

Lead them to shelter.  Bring them the food and water they need to survive.

Help them find a new life somewhere, somehow.

We feel powerless to help, but they feel hopeless and scared.

Give them hope, Lord.

Take whatever money we can give, and multiply it.  

Make it cover all the needs of these people fleeing for their lives.

Rally your angels, Lord, to help these people,

and to stop ISIS.

This will not end as long as ISIS is still spreading their evil.

Several countries, including the U.S., are fighting ISIS,

but they are losing ground to ISIS.

ISIS continues to take over and destroy more cities.

There are so many people needing help,

that we feel overwhelmed.

Guide us to make the right decisions to help them.

Lord, put it in the heart of each person reading about ISIS,

to give money to good charities who are helping.

Move each person who hears about ISIS to pray.

Lord, God, only you can stop ISIS,

and help the people fleeing from them.

We cry out to you, Lord.

The people of Iraq and Syria are crying out to you Lord!

Hear them!  Help them!

We thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers.

We know you will answer.

You, God, are blessing us today.

We thank you, in Jesus’ name.


Please stop and donate to one of the charities I listed above,

or one of your own choosing,

then pray your own prayer to help the people fleeing from ISIS,

and to stop ISIS from spreading evil.


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