Following God One Step at a Time

Do You Need Encouragement Today?

on March 29, 2015

Do you feel sad or discouraged, confused or disappointed?

It is normal for us to feel this way sometimes,

but we don’t like to feel this way.

Even happy, confident people feel this way sometimes.

God knows how you feel.  Do you believe this?

You can know this, because God created us all. 

He knows everything about you, and every one of us.

He is our Father in Heaven, and He wants to bless you.

Do you have trouble believing this?

It’s true.  He wants to bless you.

Thank God for ways He has already blessed you —

  • Do you have food to eat? Thank God for this blessing.
  • Do you have a place to live? Thank God for this blessing also.
  • Do you have clothes to wear? Thank God.
  • Do you have friends or family who care about you? Thank God again.

As you notice everything God has already given to you,

you will begin to believe, that He wants to bless you every day.

Believing that God wants to bless you,

pray for what you need. 

Then pray for what others need, for God wants to bless them too.

If you are a person who believes in God, and wants to follow Jesus,

then you have an advantage.

You can pray to God in the name of Jesus.

In Luke 11:11 Jesus says,

“Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?”

Jesus is telling us, that God the Father wants to bless us with what we need and ask for.

If today, you are still discouraged, confused or disappointed,

then pray now for truth, wisdom, and hope,

and believe that God will bless you with each of these.

If tomorrow, you still feel discouraged, confused or disappointed,

pray again for truth, wisdom, hope, and peace.

Pray each day, for we need these things every day,

and we can feel discouraged any day.

In order to turn away from discouragement,

ask God, “Who needs my help, Lord?”

Someone will come to mind. 

Choose a way to help them, just one thing.

Can you do yard work?  Cook a meal?  Drive them to the doctor, or grocery store?

Knock on their door or call them, and offer to help.

If they don’t want help, then go home and pray for them.

Maybe the next time they need help, they will ask you for help.

Helping others or praying for them, is a good way to feel encouraged. 

Do these things, and you won’t be discouraged, confused or disappointed for long.


2 responses to “Do You Need Encouragement Today?

  1. Jenni DeWitt says:

    You offer us such good, solid advice Janet! God’s just waiting for us to ask so that He can pour out all the spiritual blessings on us. And the best way to start remembering that is to get outside ourselves and start serving others. There’s nothing that breaks a funk more quickly than service. Encouraged by your words today, sweet Janet!


    • I love hearing from you, Jenni! Thanks so much for the uplifting comments. I wasn’t sure I communicated what I was trying to say. It helps to know that you got it. I hope others will too. Thanks!


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