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Book Review — Whatever the Cost

on March 1, 2015

I am reviewing the book “Whatever the Cost” by David & Jason Benham.Cover WhateverTheCost1

I was not sure about this book at first.

It is by 2 brothers (twins),

highly successful businessmen, and former professional baseball players. 

I thought it might be too much macho stuff and sports talk.

I was really surprised,

because first, these guys are Christians who follow Jesus every day. 

Sports and business were secondary. 

The Foreword is written by Dr. Tony Evans,

who says that the Benhams are “beacons of light in the midst of cultural compromise”.

They give a listing of their Christian business principles in Appendix B at the back of the book,

so you can easily see what they believe and how they live.

I really appreciated their straight forward honesty about their Christian principles. 

These principles are described throughout the book,

and they talk about how these principles line up with how they live their lives every day.

These principles are for Christians, and can work just as well for women, as for men.

These guys make a lot of sense!

Their principles helped them succeed in their Real Estate business. 

Although they are both married and have children, the book does not cover their home life.

It focuses on how they lived out their Christian principles in high school and college.

Then the book continues to show how these principles were used at work,

in professional baseball, and then in real estate.

They cover both successes and failures in their lives,

as they believe they can learn and grow from both. 

They show that God can use our failures.

Nobody has successes every time!

They support every endeavor with prayer first. 

They believe in treating their employees as potential talent.

They work at training and shepherding new employees,

and hire based on character more than experience.

Isn’t that a refreshing idea!

They look at work as a way to glorify God.

You can read the book and get an overview of how their principles work.

You can then pick two or three of their principles, as areas you need to develop,

then transfer those principles over to your own life.

For example, one of their principles is

“We are human beings, not human doings.  In Christ, we are a new creation, so being faithful no matter what we do for a living gives us the ability to live powerfully for Jesus because our identities are found in Him alone.” 

Isn’t that a great principle to remind us what is important in our life?

They are saying that we should not get our identity wrapped up in our job or ministry,

but in our relationship with Jesus. 

They also talk about waiting on God, and letting Him lead.

This book was worth reading! 

Christians can learn a lot from these two Christian men,

no matter what work you do.

This book is easy to understand and has a lot to show us.

— A lot of Christians are looking for a way to serve God while working a regular job,

and these guys show that your work can be your ministry too,

if you put God first.

See Amazon listing for this book!

(I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers, so I could review it.

The opinions are mine alone.)


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