Following God One Step at a Time


on February 8, 2015

The choices we make every day, matter.

Some choices are ok, some are bad, some are good and some are even better.

Sometimes you won’t know what to do.

I was there a few years ago.  I was working in a difficult situation.

Some of the people I worked with were negative toward Christians.

Some of the people cussed a lot.

I could have quit, but I liked the work and the hours, and I needed a job.

Not knowing what to do, I decided to do what I knew would result in something good.

I prayed.

On the way to work each day, I would pray for a fresh start for everyone working there.

I would pray for God’s light to fill the building.

I would pray for darkness to be blown away.

By the time I got to work, I was feeling more optimistic and encouraged.

By lunch, I would be in turmoil again, so I chose to focus on positive, peaceful things.

At lunch, I would sit near a window, so I could enjoy the view of a river, with trees and birds.

After eating, I would stand by the window and in my mind, I would sing –

“The whole Earth is filled with your glory.

The whole Earth is filled with your glory, Lord.”

And then I would pray.  I thanked God for the beautiful view.

I thanked God for my job,

and I asked for help to know what to do about the problems at work.

After lunch I returned to my desk.

I had a desk with a divider behind it, facing me.

I decided to make my work space more encouraging.

I put up a calendar that had a biblical quote at the top of each monthly page.

I also tacked up a quote from a Bible study class I was taking one night each week.

I would choose a quote to encourage me.

Something like, “God is my safe place”.

In the afternoon, I would take a short break, and go for a walk outside, for fresh air.

All these things were good choices, so I knew they would help.

I continued taking these small positive steps.

Eventually, people began to stop and comment about the calendar, saying they liked it.

People would stop at my desk and talk with me.

The attitudes of some of the people changed toward me,

and I had a more positive attitude at work.

There were still some problems, but I did my best to focus on the good things.

After several years, I left due to an illness.

That business ended up closing.

Now the building is used by a college.

I believe that my prayers were answered.

God filled that building with light,

and blew away the darkness.

Now students are learning music there.

I think my choice to focus on God and prayer,

helped change my attitude, and made working there easier.

I also believe it changed the use of that building to something better.

Now I can smile when I drive by.

I have no bad memories of my work there.

I remember God answering my prayers.


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