Following God One Step at a Time


on February 1, 2015

There is so much confusion and changes in the world now.

It leaves me dizzy.

As we start the new year, we look back and review the last year.

There was so much change, terrorist attacks, disasters, dangerous viruses…

and these all continue to come.

It leaves my head swimming.

As believers in Jesus, however,

we have a solid foundation.

We have the love of Jesus.

We have the hope of salvation.

In fact, 1 Corinthians 13:13 says,

“And now these three remain:  faith, hope, and love.

But the greatest of these is love.”

Our world keeps spinning at 1,040 miles per hour.

(No wonder I’m dizzy.)

But we stand firm on faith, hope, and love, through Jesus.

I need to hold on to this, to stop my head from spinning.

I need to focus on what never changes –

the love of God!


8 responses to “Dizzy

  1. Mills, Kara says:

    Love it! So True!

    Kara Mills
    Tradeshow Coordinator
    2361 Mason Ave # 100
    Daytona Beach, FL 32117
    800-447-3700 x 131


  2. Amen to His unchanging love – definitely a solid foundation to stand on when we get to spinning. Blessings!


  3. elizabethfstewart says:

    I’m next to you at Holley’s this week. I’m so thankful that Jesus is the rock beneath my feet that cannot be shaken in the midst of this crazy world!


    • So true, Elizabeth! I don’t know what I would do without Jesus. The world gets crazier and scarier all the time. I love the encouragement that Holley has in her posts. It is nice of her to have the link-ups. So glad you stopped by here.


  4. sarahgirl3 says:

    I Can’t imagine not having the solid foundation. So many are hurting and more confused than us because they don’t have hope. We need to help them understand how to stand on firm ground!


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