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My One Word for 2015

on January 18, 2015

My one word for 2015 is – “Encouragement”.

This word has been repeating itself over and over in my life for several months.

This is a good sign from the Holy Spirit that “Encouragement” is the word I need to focus on this year.

I have felt in need of encouragement this past year,

And I know many people need encouragement.

Encouragement is something I can do for others,

Even with my physical disability,

so I want to focus on encouraging others this year.

I have been researching some things about the word “Encouragement”.

The dictionary definition is –

giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

It can also mean giving someone motivation, lifting their spirits, and also

persuasion or incentive.

The Greek word is “parakaleo”,

which means to call to one’s side, to speak to,

for the purpose of comforting or strengthening them, or instructing them,

or even to beg them to do something for themselves or someone else.

The trick it seems is figuring out what type of encouragement someone needs.

Last weekend at church, I saw an elderly lady I knew that I had not seen in awhile.

I walked over to say hello, and she asked if I had a minute.

We sat down, and she told me a long story about her life going back 30 years or more.

Evidently, the encouragement she needed was for someone to care enough to listen.

We talked until they turned the lights out on us.

I hugged her, and told her I would be praying for her.

I have always found it very encouraging,

when someone tells me they are praying for me.

For this reason, I often send a person an email or a card,

telling them that I am praying for them.

I have a list of people I pray for.

I hope that it lifts their spirits and gives them hope,

to know that someone cares enough to remember them in prayer.

Another way, I have encouraged people,

is to give them a compliment.

A compliment almost always gets a smile from them.

Since I am planning to be an encourager all year,

I could really use some ideas of how to be encouraging.

Can you tell me something you do to encourage others?

Or can you tell me how someone encouraged you?

I appreciate your help.

This is going to be a learning process for me.

I think being encouraging to others,

will also be encouraging for me.


3 responses to “My One Word for 2015

  1. dewittjenni says:

    Janet! You have already encouraged me by praying for our family. You asked if we could think of a way to encourage others – I think just saying thank you to someone who doesn’t get thanked very much would be a wonderful way to encourage others. I’m so excited to link up with you and read your words here. Take care, my sister in Christ!


    • Oh Jenni, I love the idea of thanking people who don’t usually get thanked! Garbage collectors, busboys, the seating hostess, deacons at church… The list could go on and on. You have really got me thinking now! Thanks, Jenni.


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