Following God One Step at a Time

Fall and Get Up

on October 19, 2014

This is the season when we think of colorful falling leaves.

I have always enjoyed the Fall.

We people have an advantage over leaves,

because when we fall, we can get back up.

And I don’t just mean physically falling down.

We can fall by not doing what we want to do.

In other words, we drop the ball.

I took a class on balance, because I have nerve damage in one leg.

This makes me unbalanced.

We learned how to stop a fall.

Instead of looking down and flinging our arms around,

we just plant our feet and stand up, looking up.

It usually works, unless our feet just fly out from under us.

But even when we do fall,

we usually can stand back up.

This is true of when we drop the ball, too.

We can just pick it back up, and try again, looking up to God for strength.

We can apologize for not getting it done.

We can ask someone else to do it for us.

Oh, and there is another thing we can do,

we can clean up the mess and throw it away,

just like we do with all those fallen leaves now turned brown.

Nobody likes to fall, or drop the ball.

But at least we have options, that leaves don’t have.

We also have a God who forgives us, and gives us second chances.

Shouldn’t we give ourselves those same things?

When we don’t quite measure up to what we hoped,

we can keep looking up to God for strength,

to do what we need to do.


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