Following God One Step at a Time

ISIS attacks Christians

on October 12, 2014

This information has come to me through my church.
I feel I need to share it with you.
Please share the information with your friends.

The Christians in Iraq and Syria are being attacked by ISIS.
They are being targeted, and told they need to convert to Islam,
or be killed. They are crucifying children, and lining them up as examples.

These Christians have descendants, called Assyrians,
back to when Jonah went to Ninevah,

and they were converted to Christianity.
Today Ninevah is called Mosul, now a Moslem city.
The Assyrian families have been living in Syria and Iraq for over 6,000 years!
Now they are being forced to leave their homes and travel over mountains,
to get to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.
They have very little water or food.
Many are dying along the way,
especially the children,
who cannot make the long walk with so little food and water.

How can you help?
First pray.
Pray for these people to find safety, shelter, food, water, clothes.
If you would like to do more,
you can send checks (write “for Assyrian relief” on the check) to–
Cornerstone Church
2 Shermer Road
Glenview, IL 60025
This church is taking all of the money received,
directly to the Christian refugees leaving Syria and Iraq.
There are many Assyrians living in the Chicago area,
and a group of them are members of this church,
and they have decided to help the Christian Assyrians fleeing their homeland.

God please have mercy on your people.
These Christians are being attacked by ISIS,
an evil group, who live to destroy anyone and anything Christian.
Come to the aid of these Christians, Lord!
They need your help desperately.
Send help, Lord!
By the name of Jesus Christ,
we ask this. Amen


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