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Book Review — Killing Lions by John Eldredge

on October 5, 2014

Janet KillingLions

This book is unique,

because it is written by a father and son, John and Sam Eldredge.

It is a conversation that usually never happens between a boy and his father.

It is a conversation that every boy and young man desperately needs.

John and Sam ask many important questions,

and give insightful answers that are so helpful.

The book covers money, love, decisions, God, and prayer.

These are pivotal choices that make a huge difference in a man’s life!

Any parent of a boy between junior high and 25 should read this book.

Every boy from High School to college, and man up to age 35, should read this book.

The chapter on how to make good decisions is exceptionally good.

John (the father) says that we choose fear or courage with each decision.

Sam (the son) wants to know how to deal with his life “getting nowhere”.

So many young men graduate from college, 

but then end up working in a restaurant or retail store.

So if your life isn’t working out, this book is about Plan B.

This book is about becoming a man, liking yourself, and enjoying your life.

Quoting from the book –

“There is a life you can love, but it takes courage, perseverance, and a little cunning to get there.”  (p.12)

Don’t you just have to know how to get there?

My advice?

Read it.  Don’t wait.  Read it!

(This book was provided by the publisher through Booklook Bloggers.  The opinions are my own.)



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