Following God One Step at a Time


on September 7, 2014

I am taking a turn at suggesting books to read to learn more about God.

The book I just finished reading is —
Waking Up in Heaven
by Crystal McVea.
but the nurse and her mom wouldn’t let her go back.
Lucky for us, because we can read what she learned about God!

Crystal tells us that when she died,
she was overwhelmed by God’s love,

and that God loves each one of us,
as His creation.
He wants us to choose to love Him,
and accept His love and forgiveness.

Crystal says that Heaven was a very bright light.
Angels brought her right to the gate.

If you want to read more,
(Right now you can get the Kindle version for $1.99, not sure how long this price will last.)

Waking Up in Heaven

If you want to know more books I have read,
go to the very bottom of this post, scroll past the sun.
There is a list of mine from Good Reads.
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do!


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