Following God One Step at a Time

Another Miracle Healing!

on July 6, 2014

Today, I am returning to my “surviving cancer” topic.
God healed me of cancer several years ago.
(See my post on that story at
Now, a minister at the church I attend,
has been healed of cancer after a five year struggle!

God still grants miracles!
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
If you have an illness, even one as serious as cancer,
you can be healed!

In both cases, these miracles came after much prayer.
There were prayers said by hundreds of people for years.
God chose the timing of the healing miracle.
We don’t know why it took years, but it doesn’t matter.

Both of these healings were declared to be a miracle
by the oncologist
treating them (not the same doctor).
Both have had lab tests that show they are now cancer-free!

I share this story to give you hope for healing,
to let you know that miracles do still happen,
to show that God still heals,
and to let you know that God listens to, and answers prayers.

If you have had a miracle for yourself or a family member,
please share in the comments below.
If you want to read about more healings through prayer,
get the book “Miracles Every Day” about Dr. Nemeh, written by Maura Poston Zagrans.
God has healed many people through Dr. Nemeh’s hands on prayers.

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