Following God One Step at a Time

Everybody Needs Hope

on June 1, 2014

Yes, everybody needs hope.
Do you have hope?
Hope for today to be a good day.
Hope for tomorrow to be even better.

Hope for next year to be amazing!

So where do we get our hope?
I believe that true hope,
comes from God,
and no one else!

I see hope in the eyes of Christian friends,
and in their words,
and in their prayers.
I see hope in each person at the YMCA in exercise class.
They hope they can get in better shape.

So, maybe you noticed that my title says every “body” needs hope.
So how about a squirrel? A squirrel has a body. LOL

I saw hope in a squirrel one day.
That squirrel was eyeing my birdfeeder.
Yep, he was hoping to get some seed to eat.
He climbed up a small tree and onto a big banana leaf.
He jumped from that leaf …
and he fell short of the bird feeder.
He ran back to the tree, and onto that leaf again.
He jumped again and fell short again.
I was watching him and laughing a lot!
How long would his hope last?
He tried one more time.
Falling short, he gave up on that tree,
but next he tried another tree, and climbed out on a branch …

This squirrel had a lot of hope. Maybe he had some recklessness, too.
Maybe he had some courage and daring.
Most importantly though, he had hope,
because without hope, he would not have even tried to jump for that birdfeeder

I learned a bit about hope from that squirrel.
Without hope, I won’t even try to be a better person.

Without hope, I won’t try to talk to a new person at church.
Without hope, I won’t talk to anyone about God.
I am so glad, I believe in God, and I have hope for each and every day.

Now I just need to get some of that courage and daring, too!
How about you?
Do you need some hope? Or some courage?
Have you learned something else from this squirrel?


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