Following God One Step at a Time

How to Get It

on May 18, 2014

Everybody has something they want to do,
or something they want to achieve.
But, how do you get it?
It is something different for me than it is for you,
but whatever it is, how do you get it?

Maybe you have been waiting for it to arrive?
Of course, we know it won’t just come knocking on our door.
Right? We know that, right?
Even though we might wish it
was that easy. We know.

So, that means we have to do a new thing to get it to our door.
That new thing
is different for you than for me.
But still, we need to do a new thing to entice it to our door.

For example, the early bird gets the worm.
If you were a bird who wanted a worm,
you would need to get up earlier than most birds.
You also might have a way to entice the worm closer to you.
Or you might know a special spot to stand where there are lots of worms.
So, the bird’s new thing would be “get up earlier”, “jump on the ground” to make vibrations,
and “stand” in a really good worm spot.

So since we are not birds,
we might still get up earlier, so we can do our new thing.
We might need to drive to a good spot,
or take a walk in the neighborhood and talk to neighbors.
We might need to go to a park,
where there are more people to talk to.
We might go to an assisted living residence,
to find more people willing to listen to us.
When we talk to them, we might find out things these people need,
maybe things that we could help with.
Boom! We just got our worm!

I hope you understand my strange allegory.
My point is that I just had an “AHA” moment today,
reading a new book, which is a new thing,
and I wanted to share the “AHA” moment with you.
My “AHA” moment is —
— If I want to achieve a goal, I need to do something new,
— and I need to go someplace new,
— and find ways to attract people,
— so I can share things with them.
— What kinds of things do I want to share?
— A poem. A song. An idea. Or even an “AHA” moment.

The new book I am reading is “A Million Little Ways”, by Emily Freeman–
which you can see at

I also today went to one of my favorite blogs to follow,
and found amazing pictures of blue poppies,
that I never heard of before ! That is a great reason to get up early,
and share this all with you,
and be thankful that God made blue poppies.
So enjoy her blog today! —”


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