Following God One Step at a Time

Mother’s Day

on May 11, 2014

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day! —
A day to give thanks for mothers everywhere,
A day to appreciate the many different ways to be a mother.

If you adopted a child, you are a mother.
If you gave birth to a child, you are a mother.
If your child died soon after birth, or died before being born,
you are a mother.
Your experience as a mother may be different from most,
but being a mother is really about a woman’s love for a child.
If you work in daycare, you are using your mother’s love to care for someone’s children.
If you help a mom in your neighborhood by watching her kids, or helping her kids,
you are showing a mother’s love.

We women have a nourishing love in us, for caring for children,
and it can apply to anyone’s children, not just your own.
We differ from men in this way.
Men have a provider love for the children in their own family.
Some men have a protector love for children.
But we women have a love for children that nourishes them.
Our love encourages children,
and we give them a safe place to get a hug.

Think of all the women in your childhood that nourished you with their love.
I had a grandmother, and aunts, as well as my mom.
Although my grandmother died many years ago, I still have a special place for her in my heart.
Some of you maybe had a special neighbor, or babysitter.
Cherish those memories,
and give thanks for each one of those women.
God has truly blessed us with women who show us motherly love.

Is their a special woman in your life you would like to tell us about?
Please tell us in the comments section below.


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