Following God One Step at a Time

A Vacation

on May 4, 2014

I have been on vacation for two weeks. I missed you,
but I enjoyed this trip so much.
Not only did I go on vacation traveling,
I also took time off from emails, blogs, Facebook, twitter, and texting …
It was so restful.

For two weeks, I was focused on the most important things in life —
my husband, family, hugs, fun, talking face to face, music, nature, prayer and praise …
What’s more important than all that? NOTHING!
I hope you understand how important and enjoyable this trip was.

I came home tired, but full of joy.
I realize that I need to take a break like this more often.
Not traveling necessarily, but taking a break from the computer, the internet, and the cell phone.
My focus switches to the world around me.
I can spend more time listening to music and singing along,
especially music that praises and worships God.
I can look around me and enjoy this beautiful world God gave us.
I can spend more time praying with God and giving Him thanks.
I can spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine, the flowers and trees and birds …
I definitely need to put some break time on my calendar every month.
How about you?
Have you ever tried taking a break from the computer, the internet, and your cell phone?

You may be surprised by what you have been missing around you.

Some things around me that I enjoyed this vacation —
kids playing, laughing, singing, trees in bloom (dogwoods, redbuds, tulip trees),
blue skies, music on the radio, peace and quiet, talking with family,
real hugs and smiling (not smiley faces)…

I enjoyed going to different churches, and singing new songs there.
I enjoyed visiting cities I had never been to before.
This trip it was Nashville that I spent a few days in just for fun.
Nashville is full of music, history, and lots of cowboy boots.

Yes this was a vacation I will always remember.
It will remind me to spend more time focused on what is really important

God, family, sunshine, fun, giving thanks …
What else would you put on this list?


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