Following God One Step at a Time

Ready for Easter?

on April 13, 2014

So how do you get ready for Easter?
Do you go traditional,
with Easter baskets filled with candy?
Or maybe cook and color eggs to put on the table?
Maybe you have fun hiding the eggs or candy,
around the house or in your backyard,
for the kids to find.
I did all these things at different Easters,
when my kids were in grade school.

Do you go to church on Easter Sunday?
If you go to church,
do you and the family dress up in new clothes?
My family always goes to church for Easter,
and we dress nicely, but not in new clothes.

How about Lent?
Do you practice Lent,
and choose a food or activity to give up for 40 days?
Lent is the 40 days before Easter.
It’s a great time to use to get ready for Easter,
not just in the ways I have listed so far,
but to get ready spiritually, internally.

Easter is my favorite holiday.
Although as a kid, I preferred Christmas,
as an adult I put Easter on top.
It is not as commercialized as Christmas,
and it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ,
which is why Jesus was born in the first place.
Easter is the reason we get to spend eternity in Heaven.
You might say that the crucifixion is, but
without the resurrection, the crucifixion is powerless.

Easter is a joyous time!
For me Easter is a time to be thankful to God.
Easter is a time to think about the gift Jesus gave us,
through his death and resurrection,
and also His forgiveness and healing.

Easter is a thoughtful time,
or at least it is for me.
I like to read a book about preparing for Easter,
or read some scriptures.
This year I joined with Margaret Feinberg and others,
in reading the entire New Testament during the 40 Days of Lent.
I loved doing this!
It is inspiring, and opens my eyes to all the things that Jesus did,
and what the Apostles and Paul did after the resurrection of Jesus.
Somehow, reading it all in a short amount of time,
has made it more real to me, and more awesome.
I am really ready for Easter this year!

How about you? Are you ready?
If not, at least I have given you some ideas.
You still have a week to get ready.
Tell me about your Easter in the comments below.


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