Following God One Step at a Time

To Hear God

on April 6, 2014

I have many times in the past wanted to hear God.
I thought that in order to know what God had planned for me to do,
then I needed to hear Him.
Because there are many people talking at me, including myself,
I also wanted to know God’s voice.
I wanted to know if the voice I heard was God’s.
I have read several books on one or both of these subjects,
but I still didn’t know what God wanted me to do.

I kept studying the Bible,
looking for answers.
I learned a lot, but
I still did not know for sure, what God wanted me to do.

Then recently, I had a breakthrough!
I was memorizing scriptures
last year in an online group led by Beth Moore.
I started using these scriptures in my morning prayers.
I had memorized John 10:27, which says in part, “My sheep listen to my voice”.
I repeated it many times
in my prayers, and when working on my memorization.
Then it hit me —
“LISTEN to my voice”!
I realized that I could not hear God’s voice, if I wasn’t listening.
I could not know what God’s voice sounded like, if I wasn’t listening.
Listening was the missing piece to the puzzle.

Now, every day in my prayer time, I tell Jesus that I am listening,
and I ask Him what He needs to tell me.
Then I quietly listen, and wait for a reply.
And YES, He answers me! Every time!

It is not long and complicated.
God tells us in the Bible, to deal with today only.
So what Jesus tells me is always simple,
and often just one word.

Over time, I get better at listening.
It takes practice.
I don’t always understand what Jesus says.
So I sometimes ask Him to explain,
or I mull it over myself,
or look for a Bible verse with the word He used.

Jesus will speak words to you, just for you.
He won’t tell you the same words He tells me.

So, if you want to hear God,
practice listening during prayer times.
If you want, you can comment below on how your listening is going,
and even share what Jesus tells you.

I will tell you one word Jesus tells me a lot,
rest“, but it doesn’t mean taking a nap.
You can study that word in the Bible if you want,
I did. It’s about trust, and coming near to God.
( If you want to know more about that, you can go to my post on my “one word” for this year. )

I highly recommend writing down what Jesus says to you, during your prayer time.
By afternoon, I sometimes forget what Jesus said to me that day.
Yeah, you would think I could remember just one word, but I get distracted.
I sometimes keep repeating the word to myself throughout the day.
It brings my focus back.

So, what did Jesus tell you, when you were listening?


3 responses to “To Hear God

  1. rhomielijah says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us.. I have found the missing part of the puzzle here.. It was the same part that you have found now. Though I have waited patiently in the past to get an answer, I have never really practiced it or knew it was the most important key.. Now I know and I am gonna practice it. God bless you.


    • Thank you for telling me, Rhomielijah! I am so glad my post helped you. I love it when I find an answer to something I have been pondering, in unexpected places. I believe that God plants the information we need, somewhere that we will find it. God is truly blessing us both today.


      • rhomielijah says:

        Sure Janet.. You are right about God’s way of working in our lives .. I’d be looking forward to more of such posts from you .. May Jesus strengthen you more and help us all grow in faith.


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