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Son Of God movie review

on March 16, 2014

My husband and I saw the movie “Son of God”,
produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (of the “Touched by an Angel” TV series).
Since this is Lent, and I have been doing the 40 day #LentChallenge,
I have been reading the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, which tell the story of Jesus.
What I have been reading, was brought to life on the movie screen!
It was amazing!
It was so inspiring, I found my mouth dropping open in awe,
and I gasped at how awesome the miracles were.

The movie starts with miracles from the Old Testament,
like Noah and the ark.
Then it shows the birth of Jesus,
and covers many of the miracles Jesus did.

The scenery is realistic, and the music is epic.
My husband was surprised by how good the song “Mary Did You Know”,
was performed by Cee lo Green
This movie is worth seeing!
I do suggest that you do not take kids under 14.
The crucifixion scenes are bloody. Although it was not as graphic as “The Passion”,
I did close my eyes through parts of it.
The rest of the movie is totally amazing!
It draws you in, like you are there in the crowds following Jesus.
I wanted to reach out and touch the hem of his robe.

The actor who played Jesus, was Diogo Morgado.
He is Portuguese, and he was a great Jesus!
Roma Downey plays Mary, the Mother of Jesus.
Amber Revah plays Mary Magdalene, and has a major part in the movie.
Darwin Shaw plays Peter, and also has a major role in the film.

I always wondered how the people could turn on Jesus.
They begged to be healed, and followed Him everywhere.
Then in front of Pilate, they choose to save Barrabas,
and yell “Crucify Him” for Jesus.
The movie showed how this might have happened.
I won’t tell you how they portrayed it,
but it does help me understand this scene better.

If you have not seen the movie yet, I recommend you see it.
If you have seen it, please leave a comment below.
If you would like to see clips of the film, and hear some of the music,
see my comment below with links to videos about the movie.


2 responses to “Son Of God movie review

  1. To see a music video of “Crave” by For King & Country, with scenes from the movie, Go To —

    To see a film clip from the movie, Go To —

    To go to the film’s Facebook page, Go To —


  2. Gene Kirk says:

    Good review! Good movie!


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