Following God One Step at a Time

Jump In With Both Feet

on March 2, 2014

I have really been enjoying writing posts on the church service I attend the night before.
It gives me a chance to think about how the sermon relates to me.
I think about what are some of the deeper meanings I can pull out of the sermon.
Last night was an amazing sermon on Noah! … But…
it left me feeling like something was missing.
So I had to figure out what that was.
God didn’t let me down.
He gave it to me. So I am sharing it with you.
God has saved us many times.

The Bible tells us about the many times God bailed us out before.
God saved us through Noah building the ark.
Otherwise there would be nothing left on this earth.
God saved us when Adam & Eve disobeyed.
God gave them clothes and sent Adam & Eve out into the world — a second chance.
God saved us through Jesus Christ.
Otherwise we would all be dead in sin, with no hope.

God gives us second chances, even now.
Has anybody been given a second chance by God?
I have, many times.

So now what? What will we do with our second chances now?
God saved us, so we can show our love and gratefulness.
We need to jump in with both feet,
and do something for God!
Look for an opportunity. Pray for an opportunity.
Be ready for an opportunity.
Then jump in and do it!

Want some examples? Some things I am doing
Sponsor a child in Haiti or Guatemala or some other country with needy children.
Lead a Bible study or host a small group in your home.
Attend a Bible study and really participate.
Encourage other Christians, with a hug, a compliment, a thank you …
Donate food to a food pantry.
….. fill in the blank with something you can do now.
Don’t wait. Jump in!

If you want to share ways that you Jump In and work for God,
please leave a comment below.
I would love to hear about it.
By the way, I also leave encouraging comments on blogs, too. 😉

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3 responses to “Jump In With Both Feet

  1. How do you “Jump In with both feet” and work for God?


  2. Jumping in with both feet is letting God lead the way even when the path that lies ahead is uncertain. Taking a chance when God is on your side will always be a blessing. Thank you for your reflection today. Visiting you from (in)couraging writers! Blessings, Mary


  3. Hi, Mary. It’s nice to hear from you. Following God may seem crazy sometimes, but yes I agree it is always a blessing.


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