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Bonus Post

on February 18, 2014


(This is a special writing assignment, so it’s an extra bonus post on my blog, just for today.) 😉

Taking a Risk


I am usually a very careful person.  I like to think things through, make plans ahead of time, research the options, and discuss it.  Sometimes it’s amazing I get anything important done at all!  Every now and then, though, I take a risk.  Those were times, I knew that it was the right decision; I had no doubts, and when the opportunity came, I jumped!

One of those times came nine years ago.  My husband and I were living in Illinois in a large more than 100-year old house.  We enjoyed living there, but I dreamed of moving somewhere warmer.  Every winter seemed to get colder, and I was hating the cold more and more. 

We had taken a vacation to Florida several years before.  Like many people going to Florida for a vacation, we went to Disney World and the beach.  After four whirlwind days at Disney World, we crashed for a few days right on the beach near Daytona Beach.  We found a small hotel on the quieter end of the beach.  We enjoyed the views from our room facing the ocean.  We enjoyed the sunshine.  We found some great restaurants with delicious fish.  We talked to people who lived and worked there.  We knew we wanted to come back again.

When we had the chance again, we took another vacation to the same beach and hotel.  Everything was wonderful!  We dreamed about how nice it would be to live here near the beach, but we thought it would never happen.  The sounds and scenes of the beach stayed with us.

One weekend back at home we were just talking about all our kids being out of the house now.  Our youngest was away at college.  The rest of the “kids” were married with their own kids.  We said that we could move somewhere now, nothing was keeping us here.  We both thought of the beach in Florida.  On a whim, my husband called a Florida branch of the company he worked for.  The first call he made, that branch was not interested in hiring him.  He tried another branch, and they said that they didn’t need anyone right now, but they took down his information.  Then a few days later, the manager of the second branch called back.  He offered my husband a job if he could move in 2 weeks.  We looked at each other in shock!  How could we sell our home and move all the way to Florida in 2 weeks?  They explained that a hurricane had caused a lot of damage, so they were really busy, so they needed help right now.  We finally agreed to come in 3 weeks.

We laughed and hugged and kissed and were really excited!  We had made a huge decision in just a few minutes, over the phone.  We started making a list of all we needed to do.  We contacted a realtor to put the house on the market.  We searched for a hotel with a good deal for a one week stay when we got to Florida. 

Our plan was to have a garage sale in Illinois, rent a dumpster for most of our junk, rent a moving truck for the rest, pack what we needed and move to Florida.  Once there we would have one week to find an apartment.  Then we could take our time finding a house.

We never hesitated.  We did not know who would help us unload the truck when we arrived.  We had never been to the store where my husband would work.  We did not know one person in the area where we were moving.  Looking back, we know that God was leading us every step.  There were too many details that just fell into place.

Now we have been living in Florida, in the house we bought, for nine years.  We have loved it all!  We even survived several hurricanes.  We know this is where we belong.  This risk paid off in so many ways, but that is for another story.


6 responses to “Bonus Post

  1. Alia Joy says:

    I love it. Especially this time of year in Oregon, I long for warmer weather. Florida sounds like a dream. I love the simplicity of this story, it reads like the opening of a grand adventure. Leading you into the next 9 years and all God has had for you. Thanks so much for battling the linky and joining with us!


    • Thanks, Alia. I am enjoying the writing group. I appreciate the encouraging feedback. I have lots of relatives in Oregon, who simply love it there! I have only visited them twice, but I remember Oregon as a beautiful place.


  2. Rebekah says:

    What a delightful risk, and what a wonderful payoff. How wonderful to find some place you absolutely knew you wanted to be and then to have it unfold so that it could happen. Sounds like it’s been a real joy for you these past nine years.


    • Rebekah, it has been wonderful in Florida. It is in the looking back, that I can see just how much moving to Florida has changed in my life. The short memoir challenge was a good excuse to try to put down in words what I experienced from the move, and just how risky it really was. Without God in it all the way, it could have been a real disaster!


  3. Mimi says:

    We’ve been thinking of retiring to Florida. I love that you jumped in with both feet and went. Awesome!


    • Mimi, We wanted to get to Florida before retiring. We thought it would be easier. It was such a blessing that God cleared the way to transfer with my husband’s job. We normally aren’t so bold, but somehow we knew it was God sending us!


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