Following God One Step at a Time

Hope is coming

on December 15, 2013

This past year has been very difficult for many people. 

 In 2013, most families have been hit by the unexpected —

a hurricane, or tornado, or wildfire, or loss of a job, or loss of a home, or a serious illness. 

Ask anyone how they reflect on 2013, and you just may get a one word response — “UGH!”. 

My husband and I have found this year to be frustrating, because we feel overwhelmed by many smaller problems that have built up month by month.  Then an outbreak of 80 tornadoes blasted twelve states in the Midwest in November, leveling entire neighborhoods. The most powerful storm cut through Washington, Ill., Sunday afternoon with winds of almost 200 miles per hour. 

My daughter lost her home in one of those tornadoes and is struggling to get by and rebuild.  Ugh! 

When will this year be over?

Personally, I am looking forward to next year.  It just has to be better than this year! 

Please, God!  Make 2014 a year of recovery, renewal, and celebration! 

I am tired of problems and disasters.  So, what am I holding on to?  I have hope. 

Hope comes in the name of one person, Jesus Christ.

We celebrate his birthday December 25th.  Jesus brings hope to the world.

Let’s treat this Christmas like the 1st Christmas!

Let’s eagerly look forward to his birth.  Let’s celebrate the hope he brings.

Let’s pray together for re-birth.  The Messiah is coming!

The Messiah is coming!

He brings hope for a better New Year,

one with recovery, renewal, and celebration! 



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