Following God One Step at a Time

It’s Easier Than You Think To Do Good

on October 20, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough good things.
I sometimes judge myself to be lacking in generosity.
Do you feel this way sometimes too?

But actually, it is easier than we think to do good.
Sometimes we just need to listen and look around.
Do you notice an elderly neighbor who might need someone to help with a chore,
like mowing the lawn, or changing a burned out lightbulb that they can’t reach,
or carrying groceries into the house?

Read your local paper, and you might find some groups needing help.
They might need help sorting clothing donations, or serving a meal
one weekend each month to feed the hungry.

Even easier, you can donate money to groups collecting food for a food pantry,
or raising money to pay for clean water in a country where clean water is scarce.
There are many charities online that you can donate money to. Online you can get
information about them to see if you like what they are doing.

One charity I have donated to, is Hope for Haiti,
Right now they have a clean water project in Haiti.
(On their donation page, click the designation “Clean Water Program”)
You can help 1 family get clean water for a $10 donation.
I bet you can afford to do that!

One last idea, attend a local church. Find a church with 2 or more services, because they are more
likely to have ways you can volunteer or donate for special projects. You may think the small amount
of time or money you can give won’t count. You would be wrong! Each person gives what they can,
and it is added to every other person’s giving and you end up with a DELUGE of help!

So as I said, It is easier than you think to do good. Just start helping somewhere!
Look and listen, and you will find many good opportunities to do good.
When we do good, we feel happier. It always feels good to help someone.
Just do what you can. What are you waiting for?


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