Following God One Step at a Time

This is God’s World

on August 11, 2013

Watching the news, it makes this world seem like it is all in our hands.  We make the news.  We build the buildings.  We work every day and earn money.  It has been in recent months that I have really looked around me, without the bustle of people.  I look around and I see God’s world. 

All around us are trees, flowers, sunshine, birds, rain.  None of this comes from us, not from people.  God has given us this world, as a gift to hold for him.  In a building, my home or at church, I feel most close to God when I close my eyes.  But outside, I feel most close to God when I look at all the nature around me.  This world of nature, is where God is closest to us. 

So what do we do with this gift that God has given us to hold?  Do we thank Him for this gift of this world?  Do we appreciate it?  Do we love it?  Do we take good care of it?  Some ministers think we do not have to take care of nature.  They say that we only need to help other people.  I think we need to do both.  If God thought it was important enough to put people on this earth, and give it to people to keep, then we should take care of it, love it, appreciate the gift that God gave to us. 

Looking out my window, I see a large leaf on a Giant Bird of Paradise tree.  Just that one leaf is two feet long.  It has ribs up to 8 inches long.  It is beautiful, especially when sunlight shines through it, and makes it transparent.  Birds fly to this tree.  Squirrels climb on it.  Lizards crawl on it.  I sit under it for shade.  Just that one tree is such a gift!  But God gave us many trees of many different species.  They are each a beautiful gift.  I can’t help but give thanks to God for this tree, and for this whole earth.  I can’t help but feel closer to God, as I watch this tree.  Just now the breeze blows the leaf, and it sways back and forth.  It is not like steel, unmoving.  It is giving and flexible.  Maybe this tree is given to us by God, to help us learn about being more giving, and to see that nature depends on us to take care of it.  Yes, this is God’s world, left in our care.  We should at least appreciate it. 

Besides being beautiful, nature also reminds me that God is with us, and that God loves us.  Yes, this Giant Bird of Paradise tree is a beautiful tree, and I thank God for creating it, and for putting me here on this earth, where I can enjoy the gift of God’s world.  I will take time to appreciate nature more, because any gift is meant to be appreciated, and taken care of.


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