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Happy Easter!

on March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

You have probably heard the saying, “When 1 door closes, another opens.”  Pondering these words, I realized that God may not be the one who closes the door, but God is always the one who opens a new one, a better one.  Can you remember a time in your life when 1 door closed, and at first you were upset and sad, maybe even angry?  Then later a new door opened, and this new opportunity was even better than what you no longer had!  I have had dreams that did not happen, because all the ways were blocked.   Every door was shut.   Eventually a new door opened, through prayer, through God at work in my life.  A new door that brought me much that I am now grateful for.

So now I think the saying should be, “When someone closes 1 door, God opens a new door.”  We just have to pray and be patient, and watch for the opportunity of a new way to go.

When Jesus was alive on this earth, the Apostles and others who followed Jesus, believed Jesus would save them from Roman rulers.  They wanted Jesus to be their hero and king, much like King David was.  They wanted to be rescued!  That dream died when Jesus was arrested, condemned, crucified, and buried.  A stone was placed over the opening of His tomb.   All of His followers, had much sorrow, many tears, even fear and disappointment.  Why did God not send a king to save them?

But God had a better plan.  God opened a new way.  God opened the tomb, and raised Jesus up.  God made Jesus our Saviour, our Shepherd, our Healer, our Messiah!  We have all been forgiven of every sin!  We have been given the Holy Spirit!  We have been given eternal life in Heaven!  Now all of Jesus Christ’s followers are filled with joy, excitement, thankfulness, and hope!  God had a plan of love and forgiveness, not war.  God chose love and forgiveness to save us, through the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the Lamb!  Praise God!  Worship Him this weekend and shout with joy!

If you are still reeling from a door slammed in your face, remember all you’ve been given.  Pray and watch and wait for the new door God will open.

I pray you have a joyous Easter, full of love and thankfulness.

If you want your Easter or the rest of this year, to be filled with the awesome wonder of God, then check out the book or Bible study “Wonderstruck”.  I am reading the book now, and I am really enjoying her insights.  I will be participating in an online Bible study of “Wonderstruck”  in April.

WonderStruck_ProductShot smallFor information, go to


2 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Alecia says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Wonder Struck, I’ll have to add it to my book list.


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