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Joining up with God for a God-Sized Dream!

on January 8, 2013

Along with my word for this year “Trust”, as in “Trust God”, I am jumping in and joining with God for a God-Sized Dream!  A God-Sized Dream is scary.  A God-Sized Dream takes lots of trust.  I am already finding out that it takes a few deep breaths to get up the courage to commit to the Dream, and more to take the first steps.  My God-Sized Dream is to write a book and get it published for the purpose of  helping women have a deeper relationship with God, and a more joyful (less painful) life.   Once I named this Dream, God started sending me guidance how to start pursuing this God-Sized Dream.  Of course, God has been giving me the desire for this dream for years, and now He has linked me up with a group of women who are all pursuing their God-Sized Dreams!  It’s amazing how God sets the plan in motion long before I take my first steps toward the dream.  This post is going to be short, because this is my first attempt to link my blog post to the website that is hosting this God-Sized Dream movement, Holley Gerth’s blog.  That is where you can join in if you have a God-Sized Dream just waiting to begin, or you want a God-Sized Dream but you don’t know what yours is yet.  So here is the link (if this works):Dream God-sized Dreams (


7 responses to “Joining up with God for a God-Sized Dream!

  1. I think your dream sounds wonderful!! I would love to read your book when it’s all done!
    His timing is so much better than ours, and He knows just when to bring us to people we need.

    Your link worked perfectly (mine is the one after yours!) and I can’t wait to see where this dream journey will take you 🙂
    xo Brittany


  2. Oh my — can’t wait to read your book!!! I know it will be encouraging for many as you’ve encouraged me so today. Blessings on your journey. Keep us posted.


  3. Maria Marino says:

    You’ve found another member of the God-Sized Dream Movement and look forward to hearing about your book and your journey as the year progresses. My one word is “open” and my dream is to create fun and inspirational products (and a book) based on my mariazwire blog. Thank you for liking the “Where Joy Comes From.”.


    • Maria, Thanks for stopping by. This God-sized Dream movement is really gaining momentum! It shows that when you put God in control, He does things in a BIG way! I look forward to seeing your inspirational products and ideas. Part of what I liked about your “Where Joy Comes From” post, is the bright colors you used, and the easy to understand graphic. I know there is much more to come from you!


      • Maria Marino says:

        Thank you for your kind words Janet. This is one of the fun and wonderful things about being on the God-sized Dream team. It’s just as much a blessing to share in others’ dream journey as it to have them join yours. Looking forward to amazing dreams come true together and will enJOY following you.


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