Following God One Step at a Time

The View From Heaven

on October 11, 2012

We see our life at eye level.  We can only see a short distance around us.  Our perspective then tends to be personal.  We know how we feel, and what we think, but we may not understand how someone else feels and thinks.  For this reason we make decisions most of the time, based on our own perspective, through our own eyes.  We probably think that we treat people fairly, and that we make good decisions most of the time.  We think we are doing a pretty good job living as a good Christian.  We obey the 10 commandments.  We pray.  We go to church.  Is that all we need to do?

Looking from God’s perspective, He can see the whole world.   He can see every person in every country.   God sees how the countries are linked to each other, like a long line of people with arms stretched out, holding hands.  God sees that what one country does, affects another.  What one person does, affects others.  God’s perspective is even bigger than a world view, because God has a Heaven view.  God sees all the stars, and the planets, too.  If we looked down to the Earth from Heaven, the Earth would probably look like a small blue ball.  People would be like a grain of sand.  From that view, we might think we are insignificant, but God cares for even the sparrow.

You might think that you can’t do anything important, but you are looking at eye level.  From Heaven, God has a bigger and better view to know what is important.  Whatever plan you might have for what you need to do, and how you want to spend your time, God has a better plan.  If you think that you can’t do anything helpful, God has a better plan.  God can use you as a link in a bigger plan.  What you do and say affects the people around you, and they affect the people around them, until every person is linked to someone.

If you start your day asking God to show you what to do today, and then listen to God whispering in your mind, and then doing what He says to do, you will be one link in God’s Plan.  You may not know the results of what you did right away.  It might be weeks or months or years later, when you will see how that one day following God’s Plan, resulted in answered prayer for you or someone else later.  Some day you will see how something you thought was insignificant, was a link in a chain of events planned by God, to result in an answer to prayer.  When that happens, you will know that God set many such plans into motion.  You just didn’t realize it.

How does this work?  God may whisper to you to talk to that lady in the church lobby and introduce yourself and encourage her.  You may not understand why God wants you to do this, but you listen and follow that thought.  You may think that is insignificant from your eye level, but God sees the Heaven view.  That lady was invited by a friend to check out the church she attends.  That lady goes to the church, but no one talks to her, and she is intimidated.  Then you introduce yourself and talk to her, and that woman’s perspective changes to happier and hopeful, and she decides to stop at the table in the lobby and donate some money to a mission project in Haiti.  At the table is a young woman, who read a book written by a Doctor who went to Haiti after the earthquake to help the injured.  While in Haiti, that Doctor talked to many patients who spoke of not having clean water, so their children often got sick.  When the Doctor returns to the United States, she decides to write a book about her experiences in Haiti, and the many needs they have, including the need for wells for clean water.  The young woman who read the book, decides she wants to do something to help, so she starts a project to collect money to fund a well for a village in Haiti.  She contacts several churches to set up a table, and talk to people about her project to build a well in Haiti.  She easily gets enough money to build the well, so she decides to keep doing this, so she can help build more wells for more villages.   Many people in Haiti received access to clean water, and you could be a link in the chain, without knowing why God wants you to talk to that lady in the church lobby.  Each of the people were linked — the Doctor, the patients in Haiti, the young woman collecting money to fund a well,  the lady in the church lobby, and you.  God’s view is always bigger and better than our own personal view.   All you have to do is be willing to listen and do what God tells you to do.   Sometimes God uses many people as links in a chain, in order to answer a prayer.   Sometimes God answers many prayers along the way.

I had a prayer answered recently, that God answered after several years, and many people were involved along the way.  It is amazing how complicated God’s plan can be.  I will probably never know how many prayers were answered along the way, while God was putting people in place to help answer my prayer.   What prayer did God answer?  I prayed for healing from cancer, so I could spend more time with my husband, and have more time to do things for God.  Isn’t God amazing?


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  1. Hi Maria, I am glad you liked my blog today. You are such a blessing. I enjoyed your blog too.


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