Following God One Step at a Time

Wish I could …

on August 30, 2012

Since starting my blog, I have been reading other blogs to get tips and ideas.  I love looking at the photography blogs!  I especially enjoy the colorful pictures of flowers, or the scenic ones of mountains or lakes.  (I will put a link to one of my favorites at the end of my post.)    I find myself wishing I could take good photographs.  I think if I could put a good picture on each of my posts, it would make them more interesting.  The thing is, I don’t take good photographs!  I try, but I don’t have the knack.  I bring myself back to reality.  I am not a photographer.  So what?

I know that I should not compare myself to anyone else.  God made me unique.  He made everyone unique!  Comparing myself to someone else, just makes me feel sad, or frustrated, or depressed.  That is not good.  I am learning to focus on what I do well.  I can use my strengths like writing or teaching.  I have tons of patience.  I am a good prayer warrior.  Before this sounds like bragging, I certainly have my share of  weaknesses too.

I have never been athletic.  In fact I avoid exercise, even though I know it is good for me.  I am forgetful.  I am quiet, and a bit shy.  God knows my weaknesses, and He can use them.  God is not afraid of using me despite my weaknesses.  Sometimes He makes my weaknesses into strengths.  Sometimes He points out an alternative, that makes it easier for me.  God knows me better than I do.

Is there a  trait you don’t like in yourself?  Is it getting you down, because you keep messing up?  You know what?  God is not upset about it.  God wants to work with you.  God wants to help you.   Just ask God to help you.  He will never turn you down.

(One of the blogs I like for the pictures is  Check it out.)


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