Following God One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

on August 21, 2012

I read the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed before it was picked by Oprah for her book club.  I joined the online book club and made a comment there that ended up in “O”, the Oprah Magazine September 2012 issue.  That was a bit of a thrill for me.  My comment was about one part of the book where the author, Cheryl, talks about not worrying about climbing the mountains on the Pacific Trail she was hiking, but focusing on one step at a time, and eventually she would find herself on top of the mountain.  I  commented that this would be a good way to live life, too — taking one step at a time, and not worrying how we would get where we wanted to go.  If we can handle what is right in front of us, then eventually we will get to the end.  Why worry about how we will get to the end?

I have lived my life this way for the most part.  I have not had long term goals.  I faced each problem as it confronted me.  I took each job that was offered to me.  I quit jobs when they no longer were right for me.  I certainly did not plan my life, nor expect my life to turn out the way it has.  I am very happy with my life today.  I have lived a busy, full life, and did my best.  I have been honest, and kind, stubborn, and have struggled through my share of problems.  I have taken it all one step at a time, and have arrived here full of hope for the future, contentment in the present, and no regrets over the past.

Taking life one step at a time seems to be what God recommends as well.  He gives us just enough to get through each day.  God wants us not to worry, not to be afraid, and to deal with each day’s problems, because that is enough to deal with.  I have gone where my life has led me, while staying within Christian beliefs, and even though there were rough times, scary times, and hurtful times, I turned to God every step of the way.  God saw me through it all — from childhood, to college, to marriage, kids, jobs, illness, divorce, marriage again, and cancer.  I have survived with God’s help, and with lots of prayers.


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  1. It’s nice to see a few other bloggers liked my post. I appreciate the encouragement. Thank you to each one of you. You made my day!


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