Following God One Step at a Time

Open the Present

on August 10, 2012

I just realized today as I stepped into the shower, that today was a gift from God.  This is not a new idea to me, but it really hit me, that being a cancer survivor means that each day is a gift.  Cancer could end my life any day, so each day is a gift from God, and I should not waste it.  I avoid doing the things I find to be boring, or difficult to do, but since this day is a gift, I should enjoy everything in it.  We all enjoy opening a gift.   I should open the present of today, with anticipation of what today will hold for me!  Even such a mundane task as taking a shower and washing my hair, can be enjoyed.  God already put some joy into today.  I just need to open the present and find the joy!  I need to look into the present day, and find joy in each task and each event for this day.  I can start each day, asking God to show me the joy in today.  I can treat each day as a present from God, wrapped in beauty, and filled with joy!

That is a real attitude changer for me!  I have been a good complainer for much of my adult life.  I could look at anything, or attend any event, and I could find all the problems that needed to be improved, corrected, or changed.  There were times, when this was helpful, because I could make the needed changes myself.  But often, it kept me from enjoying the task or the event.  I would come home from work, and complain about all the problems I had that day.  Sure I had some good things happen, but I rarely talked about those things.  But this year, I decided to make a change.

I chose” more joy” as my goal for this year.  Since choosing that goal back in January, God has been showing me more joy in many different places.  Today, I found joy in the shower!  I am having joy right now, writing this blog.  What else has God put into this present of today?  I can find joy by reaching into the day, and looking at each thing in it with a new attitude of anticipation of joy.  Certainly there will be annoying, or difficult things in the day, but I can choose not to focus on them.  I can deal with them, and then say, “What else do you have for me today God?”  I can share my day with my husband and friends, and tell them about the joy I found.

In choosing more joy for my goal this year, the first thing I put on the list of how to choose more joy, was to stop complaining!  I haven’t been totally successful at that, but I have been trying to at least complain less often, and be brief when I do complain.  I can expect that God would not give me today, unless there were some good things in it.  Maybe each day can become an adventure of opening the present to see what is inside today.  What beauty will I see?  What music will I hear?  What food will I taste?  What joy will I be able to share?  This is an adventure I am going to enjoy!  May God bring more joy to all of you.


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