Following God One Step at a Time

The “Kick Me” sign on your back

on July 11, 2012

Did you know that you quite possibly have a “Kick Me” sign on your back?  Can you see it?  Remember when kids would put a “Kick Me” sign on someone’s back as a joke?  You just might have one on your back.  Have you been kicked lately?  Felt like someone was picking on you, or being unfair in their criticism?   Well the “Kick Me” sign I am talking about, you can’t see, so checking your back won’t help.  You won’t see it.  I just recently found out I was wearing one of these signs.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until I was kicked a few times.  Ouch!

Who puts this sign on our back?  Well we sign up for it without knowing it.  Any time we volunteer to do something at church, or in our community, or our kid’s school, we are getting in line to get one of these “Kick Me” signs.  If you are a leader for one of these groups, or for a project, you get a BIGGER sign —   “KICK ME ! “.  The better to see you.  The sign is put on your back by the devil.  Remember him.  He does not like anyone who wants to do anything good, especially if it will give glory to God, or help one of God’s children.  So you agree to something good, and the devil puts the sign on your back, not too bad yet.  But then someone you least expect, comes up to you and gives you a swift kick!  There is the OUCH!  It could be a friend, or someone volunteering with you, or someone you were trying to help, or a complete stranger.  But these people know a target when they see one.  You represent every problem in their life.  They are unhappy, so they will complain about something you did, or about things you did not do, or tell you that you need to do things differently, or just plain scream at you!  They want someone to blame for their unhappiness, so you are a good scapegoat, especially since you are wearing the “Kick Me” sign.  Wasn’t that convenient?

So when you get kicked a few times, what do you do?  Well you might complain about them, after all some of them are wearing their own “Kick Me” signs.  You could try to ignore them, but usually they just gang up on you then.  You can try to avoid them, or you can run for your life!  In other words, you can quit doing whatever good thing it was you volunteered for, because that is how you got that sign on your back.  If you quit, you get to take the sign off your back.  That’s a relief.   The devil’s not interested in you anymore then.  This is where I am right now.  Licking my wounds, trying to heal.  I didn’t know about these “Kick Me” signs until after I got kicked a few times.   I finally had enough, and I quit.   The weekend after I quit, the minister at my church preached a sermon and told us about the signs that some of us were wearing on our back.  He said we need to pray for our fellow Christians who lead a ministry or group at the church, because they are under attack.  Wow!  That was a real wake up call for me!  Now at least I knew why I was getting kicked.  I thought it was just mean people doing the kicking.  I thought they were not good Christians.  I didn’t understand why another Christian would kick me.  So now I know, it is because the devil doesn’t want us to do anything good in God’s name.  Unknowingly we cooperate with the devil.  We wear the “Kick Me” signs.  We kick people who wear the signs.  We complain about people who kick us.  Does this sound circular to you?  And nobody wins except the devil, if we stay on this merry-go-round.

So the first thing we can do to stop this crazy merry-go-round that the devil has us on, is STOP complaining about other Christians!  Just STOP!  Then pray for any Christians you know that lead a group or ministry in your church, or are doing something good in your community.  Pray for them.  Then you can volunteer to help them, or you can lead your own group, but first take steps to protect yourself.  For now, I will tell you only one way to protect yourself, ask for God’s help.  I will talk more about protecting yourself in my next post.  So stay tuned.  I will post again in one week.


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