Following God One Step at a Time

Being Thankful

on May 26, 2012

I have been reading about being thankful to God for the many things He gives us everyday.  I am reading two books that have been giving me the right direction to my thoughts.  One Thousand Gifts is by Ann Voskamp.  She lists many things she is thankful for as she tries to be more aware of what God gives.  Then there is Jesus Calling  by Sarah Young.  This book has a short devotional for each day of the year.  I am reading it in a couple weeks, so I am in November now, which is on giving thanks.  Sarah says that giving thanks to God makes us closer to God and gives us peace.  It seems to be working for me.  I have always been thankful, but in prayers or in quiet moments here and there.  Now I am trying to give thanks to God all through the day.  It is changing my perspective, and it does make me feel closer to God.   In fact, I can feel His presence with me more often now.  I like feeling His presence.  It does give me more peace.

By focusing on giving thanks to God, I am more aware that He is with me all day in various ways.  I hear a bird sing, and I know that God gives that bird song, and the song gives me pleasure to hear it.  I see a breeze blow the tree branches, and I know that God is sending the breeze that feels refreshing on my face.  When I put berries on my breakfast cereal, I know that God created those berries and gave them bright colors of red or blue or black.  I enjoy the many colors and the wonderful tastes.  And even more, God created all the people who grew those berries, and picked them, and shipped them, and packaged them, so I can enjoy them for my breakfast.  Thanks God for taking such good care of me, and for giving me so many things to enjoy.  I think God must enjoy giving us these things.  He probably enjoys getting thanked for them too, just like I enjoy being thanked for a gift I give to someone.  God gives much better gifts than I can.  He certainly deserves to be thanked for all of them.


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