Following God One Step at a Time

What’s Better Than Complaining?

on May 17, 2012

Many of us are good at complaining, including me.  We find all kinds of faults in other people.  We like to point fingers and say “Look what he did!”   I used to complain all the time.  I would justify it, saying I was trying to improve things by complaining about what is wrong, but that just puts everyone in a bad mood, including me.   I am trying to change this.  Part of becoming a better Christian for me, is to stop complaining!  That is a big job!  Instead I am trying to say something positive, by looking for the good in the situation, or looking for the good somewhere else, taking my focus off the negative stuff.  This is a big eye-opener for me!  I am making some progress.  The bonus is that not only does it help me be a better Christian, but my moods are better, and I enjoy my life more, so this takes me a step further on my goal for this year of more joy in my life.  Staying positive, being thankful, and focusing on the good stuff brings me lots of joy!   I have found that it is actually fun, looking for something good to say.

At church for Mother’s Day, a group of ladies did a musical skit at church.  Now my first thought was, a skit on Mother’s Day?  I thought that I would have used different words in the song they were singing, and they weren’t dressed very nice, but instead I caught myself, and I focused on the fun music, the humor in the skit, the courage of those ladies doing the skit, and yes I actually enjoyed the skit!  Just a switch of focus makes a lot of difference.  We all have shortcomings.  We all make mistakes.  Wouldn’t it be nice if people gave us positive comments on what we did well, instead of pointing out what we did wrong?  I think we would all prefer that, so as the Bible says — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”(Matthew 7:12).  So I am looking for the good, and making positive comments, or just not saying anything at all.

I found this song that points out that Jesus would love people, not complain about them, not point fingers at them, but love them, and say something positive.  It is “Jesus, Friend of Sinners” by Casting Crowns.  Here is the youtube link, and it is available for download at itunes.  I think you’re going to like this song.


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