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Forgiveness, We all need it.

on May 4, 2012

It’s been a few days since I posted here in my blog.  The one topic that keeps coming up in different places for me, is forgiveness.  My Bible study group discussed forgiveness this week.  I went to a National Day of Prayer event last night, and they prayed for forgiveness.  I feel like God is hitting me on the head with it.   So there was no other possible topic for today, but forgiveness!  We all need forgiveness for something, and we all have at least 1 person we need to forgive.  The Bible tells us we can’t have forgiveness unless we forgive the people who hurt us.  The Lord’s prayer says “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespassed against us”.  So who do you need to forgive?

I thought I had forgiven everyone, but then my adult stepdaughter and I had a major disagreement, and I have been trying to forgive her.  In the process, I have remembered other people who hurt me in the far distant past.  I decided if those memories were coming back that I must not have forgiven them, so I have been forgiving everyone who comes to mind that ever hurt me.  It has been enlightening to find I was harboring resentment towards these people, but I had pushed the memory under so deep, I didn’t know the resentment was still there.  So although it seemed like I had forgiven everyone, I was really in denial.  Denial helped me go on with life, but now I was ready to face the truth.  I have been digging up those resentments from the past and forgiving those people.  It has been shocking to find what I dig up.  It has been freeing to finally forgive them, and no longer have to keep those resentments buried.  I keep asking Jesus to help me forgive my stepdaughter.  Maybe I can’t fully forgive her, until I finish digging up all the old resentments in my life, and forgive all those other people.

As I find more resentments the deeper I dig, I realize that I have found the reasons I have had issues with anger and anxiety or moodiness for years.  All those resentments were really stressing me out.  I was just fooling myself that I had forgiven them and they were gone.  I hope now, I can sweep away all that stress and anger and anxiety.  I don’t need it anymore, because I am no longer holding down all those resentments, keeping them a secret even from myself.  But Jesus knew they were there, and He knew it was time to bring them up and deal with them.  Which is why everywhere I go, I hear the word forgiveness.  I hope that you can use my experience to deal with anyone you need to forgive.  Why do we need to forgive?  The Bible tells us so.  We need to forgive, because we all need to be forgiven.  So as we work on forgiving people, we can find joy in knowing that we have been forgiven too.  Jesus is the best at forgiving us.  He always forgives us.  He never runs out of forgiveness.  So ask Jesus to help you forgive someone.  Someone who comes to mind just now.  Forgive, then ask Jesus to forgive you.  Forgiveness is an important topic, because we all need it.  We all fall short of being perfect.  We all hurt someone, maybe without knowing it, maybe without meaning to.  We all need forgiveness.  So freely give it, just like Jesus freely forgives you.

Giving the gift of forgiveness through Christ,



2 responses to “Forgiveness, We all need it.

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Janet,

    Very much enjoy reading all of your posts, especially this one on forgiveness and the way that old resentments, no matter how deeply buried can impact how one feels, thinks and acts, often without even being aware of how powerful they are! It’s wonderful that your bible study and time to reflect have given you the foundation to do this work of forgiveness, what a healing process it is!



    • faithcounts says:

      Thanks Rachel,
      It seems that forgiveness is a daily thing. It is just easier to push it down and forget about it. Later, it affects us unknowingly. I am glad all this past stuff came up for me to now forgive and heal. I hope I can stay on top of forgiveness now, and not rush to deny my feelings of hurt. You always have thoughtful comments, which I appreciate so much.


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