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New Bible Study Starting

on April 18, 2012

I am writing this blog about trying to become a better Christian, and becoming more involved in my faith.  Thus, I picked the title “Faith Counts”.  One of the ways I am trying to become more involved, is starting a Bible study in my home.  I have been feeling pushed by God to get more involved and try new things even though I am a bit afraid.  The new Bible study,  is the first time I am teaching a Bible study, instead of just being part of a group led by someone else, and it is in my home.  I actually really love to read, and love to study the Bible.  If that makes me weird, that is ok, because I love the ladies in the Bible study I have been in for 7 years that meets at a friend’s home.  These ladies are all great friends, so I am in good company.  I am not sure why it took me 7 years to decide to teach my own Bible study.  I guess I was just having so much fun in the ladies’ Bible study group I was in, that I didn’t think about leading my own.

Having the Bible study in my home also was a worry.  I was worried about the parking, worried about not having enough room in my house, worried about the house not being perfectly clean.  I decided that God was just going to have to deal with all that.   I was just going to do it and not worry about it.  I do end up cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and living room the morning the group meets.  There always seems to be a bigger mess that morning.  Even though only my husband and I live here, we still get it messy.  So far everything has worked out fine.

The first book I picked to study is “Duty or Delight?” by Tammie Head.  If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out.  It is about changing your relationship with God from a duty to a delight.  The name of the book really interested me, and I knew I wanted to study it, but it is more fun to do a Bible study in a group, so I arranged to announce it in the church bulletin that a new group was starting.  The group has been meeting for a few weeks now.  There are only a few ladies in it, but that is ok, since it is easier with a small group.  All of us agree that this study is really good, and it is moving us toward delight in God.  Delight is good!  It is way better than duty.  Duty can get boring, or I start resenting having to do it.  But delight is fun!  It is energizing.  It certainly isn’t boring.  So this starting a new Bible study has turned out to be a good idea.  I am glad I am doing it.

In this blog, I want to talk about the ways I am trying to become a better Christian, and to make my faith count, and to challenge you to think about your faith differently, and maybe get more involved in your faith too.  I would love for you to comment on my blog.  Just stay on the topic, or close to the topic, and use appropriate language.  I would really like to hear from you.  I look forward to talking with you again soon.



3 responses to “New Bible Study Starting

  1. Wonderful Merciful Savior says:

    I love to read!! And the bible is one of my favorite books to read. Good for you starting your own bible study. I think that all of us want to become better christians, I know I do. But I have learned that it isn’t something that comes overnight, or along with our salvation…..I wish it would! But it takes time, and a lot of molding by God to make us what He wants us to be.


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